Friday, March 11, 2011

+Vigil of the Canonization of Ignatius & Xavier

Tomorrow, the Church and the Society of Jesus celebrate the 389th anniversary of the canonization of Saints Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier. Ignatius was beatified by Pope Paul V on July 27, 1609 and canonized with Francis Xavier and others by Pope Gregory XV on March 12, 1622. The Catholic Church only canonizes or beatifies those whose lives have been marked by the exercise of heroic virtue; and does so only after this virtue has been proved by common repute for sanctity and by conclusive arguments.

The prayerful devotion to any saint can lend a powerful assistance to living a Catholic life in our troubled world, (war, poverty strife, etc.). Our Catholic belief in the “Communion of Saints,” points us to our God in Heaven by the holiness they exhibited here on earth. These men and women have experienced God and are now permanently recognized by the faithful for offering that glimpse of God at work in and through God’s people.

As we recognize with the Church the heritage of our Founding Father Ignatius and his friend, Francis Xavier, and as we strive to live in the spiritual charism they left us, may we first imitate their humble faith, and have the conviction to inspire it in others.

St. Ignatius Loyola & St. Francis Xavier, Pray For Us!